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This module creates automatic backups for all files on your Prestashop site.


- A classic Prestashop site contains thousands of files, saving the entire site manually takes a lot of time apart the risks of improper file manipulation, this module automates the creation of a backup copy of your site according to your settings (Backup frequency and copy number)
- Download the backup directly from your Prestashop administration interface (or FTP)
- Totally autonomous module requires no computer knowledge
- Automate the backup of your files
- Create backups on multiple dates (by day, week, month, or three months)
- Secure your sites by creating a permanent backup copy
- Download a copy of your site quickly from the Prestashop interface
- The module runs in the background and does not overload the execution of your site
- The module automatically manages backup copies (deletes old ones and creates new backups)

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